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Introducing our Fall 2020 Inaugural Releases

Red Blend
"Singing Angels" 

This Red Blend was inspired during a series of barrel tastings with wine professionals and enthusiasts, in which we presented different blend combinations for tasting and discussion. “Singing Angels” is a rare blend of Cabernet and Carignan, with exquisite notes of raspberry and licorice – a beautiful tribute to our matriarch Helle Kierkegaard Siegert. When she tasted exceptional wine, she would say that “you could hear the angels sing.”

It's rich, red fruit and earthy qualities make it a perfect match for our luscious Cabernet Sauvignon.

Thoughtfully crafted by award-winning wine-maker, Nova Perrill, with Carignan grapes from Russian River Valley - this wine represents our collaboration and how much we value the amazing Sonoma community.”

2018 Estate Grown Cabernet Sauvignon  
"Helle's Harvest"

The first barrel sample of the 2018 La Cienega Estate Grown Cabernet Sauvignon was tasted in early March 2019. The flavor of the fruit was vibrant and full. After a few more months with oak, a second tasting in June revealed a more mature, well rounded body that seems already perfect for drinking. 


Our Estate Grown Cabernet is hand-crafted by award-winning wine-maker, Nova Perrill. For best results, the release is scheduled for Fall 2020. After 18 months of barrel-aging and six months in the bottle we expect La Cienega Vineyard’s Alexander Valley Estate Grown Cabernet Sauvignon to be an elegant, rich and complex wine - a proper tribute to our dear Helle. We will emblazon every bottle with a special inscription, in her memory.

La Cienega is a family-run vineyard, located off Chalk Hill Road in Sonoma County’s renowned Alexander Valley. We employ the latest viticulture techniques as well as sustainable farming to grow high quality Cabernet Sauvignon grapes.

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