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Our Wine

Introducing our Inaugural Releases

“Helle’s Harvest” Estate Grown 100% Alexander Valley Cabernet Sauvignon
“Singing Angels”
Sonoma County Red Blend  
2021 Estate Grown 100% Alexander Valley Rosé of Cabernet Sauvignon
Rose bottle.jpg
“Triple Threat” Sonoma County Red Blend
Sold Out
Triple Threat IMG.jpg
“Winemaker Select” Russian River Chardonnay
Chardonnay Bottle.jpg

"La Cienega’s inaugural wines embody all of what makes Alexander Valley red wines great: rich body, soft tannins, spice and complexity. Both the Cabernet and the Red Blend are well-balanced with structure and acidity that lend the wines to both food-friendliness and age-ability. And, the uniqueness of blending Cabernet Sauvignon with Carignan is so fun and unexpected! I also appreciate their strong commitment to sustainability.” PEGGY DEAN, Sommelier at Pacific Standard Prime | Boisset Wine Ambassador

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