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The Vineyard

38° N, 122° W

In the hills of Alexander Valley…

La Cienega Vineyard sits on 40 acres nestled in the southern hills of Sonoma County’s renowned Alexander Valley. Just off Chalk Hill Road, the premium hillside terrain includes up to 20% inclinations and altitudes of approximately 400 feet. The soil benefits from ancient volcanic history, providing loamy clay soil that is ideal for Bordeaux varietals.

Growing conditions include cool evenings from coastal fog and late, hot summer temperatures, perfect for slow ripening. The vines are planted on 16 acres, trained on a vertical shoot position (VSP) trellis system with 9’ x 5’ spacing. La Cienega’s mature vines are from premium rootstock consisting of 110R and 1130P, which was field-grafted with clone #7.


The vineyard is certified sustainable by the Sonoma Wine Grape Growers association, which requires strict standards for environmentally conscientious farming practices. Irrigation and fertilization occur between May and October using a drip-system, backed by a 10,000 gallon water tank. We return nutrients to the soil every two years by adding natural compost containing vital micronutrients. Owl boxes attract birds of


prey to help clear animals who like to gnaw on vines. The grapes are always hand-picked, starting with the first harvest in 2001, which yielded 35 tons of fruit. In 2017, the vines were converted from unilateral shoot positioning to cane pruning, increasing yield and renewing the vigor of the vines. The vineyard produces an average harvest ranging between 50-60 tons, with a record 93 tons in 2018.

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